Winter sport is the power of the mountains. Endless and impressive vues, fresh clean air, but also experienced together, après ski and socializing. We admire the mountains and they are also our starting point for speed, adrenaline, pure oxygen and new energy.

Only, happy faces, winter sport is fun! Experiencing together and creating new winter sports experiences is what it’s all about. Both on the slopes and during the Après-ski. The right choices in advance, but also during your skiing holiday, are essential for maximum enjoyment.

Call in our Snowplanners, they perform at the highest level for your skiing pleasure. Because we admire the mountains just like you.



Planning a skiing holiday is not Rocket Science. But it must be done well. We know the way in the mountains, have years of experience and therefore know what we must do to provide you with an ultimate and carefree winter sports experience. The six steps of a Snowplanner:

Let's meet!

While enjoying a cup of coffee, we make an inventory of wishes, ideas and group composition on the basis of our checklist. This is the basis and essential for the correct guidance for your journey.

Tailor-made proposal

After the introduction and inventory we make some customized proposals. The right transport, the choice of the ski area, and suitable accommodation are leading in this.

The adventure

Let's go! The departure to the mountains by car, bus, plane or train and upon arrival the Snowplanner provides a warm welcome. The Snowplanners are available 24/7 during the entire holiday and if desired we are physically present to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

The members

If possible, we have contact with each group member (mail and telephone) to discuss everyone's expectations and preferences. This way we get to know the group members such as the skin level, the individual wishes and any ideas.

The planning

Clear and tight programming is essential for a carefree journey. Each member receives an information package with all necessary travel information. In addition, we make, if desired, an action site for communication and interaction.

Enjoy afterwards

After a great and ultimate winter sport, come home healthy and very home again. Enjoying the photos and videos on the promotional site! The Snowplanners make a final overview with evaluation and look forward to the next joint adventure.

Who can you go up the mountain with? and into the pub.

Amanda Romijn

Caroline Ooms

Alex Timmer



Organizing a winter sports holiday for your employees as a company is of course a fantastic idea, but not one without many pitfalls. Essential choices, taking into account the preferences and individual ski level of all group members, must be made.

Which ski area fits best, which accommodations are most suitable and what is the right transport? How do we arrange the equipment rental and insurance? How does skiing lessons work, which activities can and do we want to do and who provides the guidance? Who takes the photos and who puts an attractive lunch and tasty dinner on the table every day?

Many questions to which the Snowplanners, thanks to their many years of professional experience, know the answers. You create a good atmosphere, full of happy and sporty experiences … we take care of the rest.



Winter sports is so much more! Everything comes together during winter sports; sportiness, nature, friendship, adventure, mountains, snow and fun. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, there are also many other activities that are important. Think of hiking, tobogganing, freeride tour and après-ski evenings. For the business side, many options are also possible, such as; a team building day, conferences and workshops.

But what about a well-cared for culinary evening by a top-level chef at a high level? The Snowplanners know (with our Burgundian approach) how important cosiness and good dining is with your colleagues.

During our first meeting, face-to-face, we will discuss all your wishes and objectives. We will also approach each group member to gauge expectations. We find personal contact essential in the run-up to a successful winter sports holiday.



Everything arranged to perfection, no worries and can fully enjoy a great winter sports holiday. That is what we stand for, no unexpected problems or annoying irritations that come around. Going on winter sports with your colleagues is of course fantastic, but it is when everyone with happy faces returns home safely and healthily.

In addition to transport, accommodation, planning, ski passes, guidance and total organization, we also ensure that everything is arranged at the rear. Think, for example, of the right winter sports insurance (European), with full coverage … even for off-piste driving.

We put all travel information and the required documents on the company’s promotional site where every member can log in and view the departure times, programming and insurance, for example. All photos, videos and stories will also be posted on the promotional site.



Do you want to raise the bar with your colleagues this year? Do it different, more challenging and more exciting? The adventures that we offer for this are;

  • Freeride Basic Adventure
  • Freeride Advanced Adventure
  • Technique Basic Adventure
  • Advanced Adventure technology

All packages are based on approximately 3 or 4 days and a minimum of 3 participants.


They allready experienced it!


Request more information via this contact form, we will always contact you within one working day. The Snowplanners are engaged in winter sports 24/7, so they are also always available for comments, suggestions, adventurous and exciting ideas (as long as it is about winter sports).

Going into the mountains with a group or with your colleagues? Call in the Snowplanners to make your winter sport a guaranteed success.

We are Snowplanners and our heart beats faster in the winter. We are a community of international snow sports professionals with the same white DNA where entrepreneurship, friendship, adventure, mountains, snow, sports and fun are always central.

Snowplanners organize tailor-made ski and winter adventures trips for companies and groups. We also write about our adventures and snow sports news on and all social media channels.

Call on us for your next and ultimate ski experience based on years of knowledge and experience. The Snowplanners perform at the highest level for your skiing pleasure. Because we admire the mountains just like you do.
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Call us for your next and ultimate ski experience based on years of knowledge and experience. The Snowplanners perform at the highest level for your skiing pleasure. Because we admire the mountains just like you do.