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They are not a traditional winter sports tour operator, Snowplanners, the snow incentive agency for business group travel. They have eight principles, which are remarkable to say at least. Owner Alex Timmer: “We do not want to be a gray average, but everything we have in-house to offer unique experiences.”

“Our approach differs from all others. The unique total experience is the starting point. Everything else we do is dominated by that. That is why we do many things differently from other winter sports providers. We often think the other way around and that is how we come up with innovative solutions for our customers. That is reflected in our eight unique principles.”:

  1. “Our best people are not in the office, but in our destinations”
    At our office in Deventer there are not yet a handful of employees. The people around us, our 17 professional snowplanners, live and work in Europe’s largest ski areas. They determine the preparation and execution of your trip. On our website you can see which toppers are helping us.
  2. “We don’t do business with customers we don’t like”
    Organizing a amazing trip requires a lot from our snowplanners. We do everything in our power to properly advise your company and to inspire the participants in every detail. We are happy to put tons of energy into it, provided that we do it for people with whom we have a click. We also want to enjoy the smiling faces of our customers.
  3. “The last day is our starting point: we work from the back to the front”
    We know that travel often goes out like a night candle, while the memory for later is determined by a unique experience at the end. That’s where we work towards: the climax is our starting point.
  4. “The program for non-skiers is the most important”
    If the snow conditions and the weather are good, making a top program for our snow planners is a piece of cake and every trip will be a success. But our real challenge is to let non-skiers come home with the most wonderful experiences.
  5. “We offer a superior experience from the very first moment”
    Sure (almost) everything revolves around snow fun. But we turn the pre-trip and post-trip fun, the outward and return journeys into equally surprising and memorable events.
  6.  “We do not measure customer satisfaction”
    From us no boring surveys and begging good report numbers and positive reviews. We have other ways to measure how much fun you have had. Be surprised! ”
  7.  “We always have a Plan B”
    Skiing pleasure is weather dependent and other circumstances can ruin the snow fun. That’s why we always have a super fast solution for a surprising alternative.
  8.  “Our customers pay afterwards for what the trip was worth to them”
    With us you pay the cost of your trip in advance, so our (verifiable) purchase price. Only after the trip you determine what the trip has been worth to you and what merit you give us. We do this because we have every confidence in our added value.

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