Especially for you, we have developed this unique 8-day winter sports trip to Iceland in cooperation with VT Adventures and Voigt Travel. This premium trip is a lot different than Austria, this adventure is one to never forget. This fantastic trip is for everyone! It doesn’t matter if you are individual or if; company, family or group traveling … Everyone deserves to experience this unforgettable adventure!

Winter sports in Iceland is something you simply must have experienced. Skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing with a view of the fjord, catskiing, sledding, geothermal swimming pools, hotpots, boiling mud pools, frozen waterfalls and the northern lights. You will experience it all during this unique adventure! With a little luck, you will see humpback whales and seals in addition to the northern lights. In short, a unique experience.

For this trip we have our base in beautiful Akureyri, the second city of Iceland. This tailor-made program is packed with snow, mountains, culture, wellness, superior food and of course sporty adrenaline.

Our Snowplanner and Iceland specialist Vincent Drost is a experienced instructor and is ready for you from the moment of arrival to make your trip a great success.



“A taste of the amazing Iceland snow and culture during a 8 day trip. Experience the extremes of Iceland and get your shot of adrenaline in the best powder and hottest hotpods and amazing local food. Discover for yourself the true majesty and excitement waiting on the Icelandic slopes”. 

Day 1: Flight to Akyreyi

Flight from Amsterdam to Akureyri. Welcome drink and time for it
go through the program for the coming days. Visit the geothermal swimming pool of Akureyri.

Day 2: First day skiing

Ski day in the beautiful ski resort of Hlíðarfjall.

Day 3: Catskiing Kaldbakur

Catskiing on Kaldbakur (1100m). We drive through the Icelandic landscape to the village of Grenivik. Here we park our vans and get a lift from the ski bully to the top of Kaldbakur (1100 meters). In good conditions we have an amazing view over the fjord here.

Day 4: Skiing Siglufjorður

A ski day in Siglufjorður. A remote fishing village at the end of the fjord. Siglufjorður was virtually unreachable for a long time. It was only possible to reach the village by boat or via a spicy mountain walk. There are now two tunnels and from Akureyri it is a beautiful drive of about an hour along the fjord. Optional: a visit to the herring museum.

Day 5: Skiing Ski Area Hlíðarfjall.

Another great day of skiing in the versatile ski area of ​​Hlíðarfjall.

Day 6: Visit Mývatn and Goðafoss

We visit the Mývatn area with; lava formations, beautiful nature and boiling mud pools. On the way to Mývatn we also pass the Goðafoss waterfall, a beautiful waterfall that is often frozen in winter. Our last stop in Mývatn is the nature bath. We enjoy the geothermal water one more time.

Day 7: Create your day!

Can be supplemented with an extra ski day in Hlíðarfjall or Siglufjorður. An extra day in the Tindastoll ski area (nice day trip Including a visit to the swimming pool in Hofsos). Snowboard, ski or cross-country clinics. Freeride course.

Day 8: Travel home

This last day is all about the return journey, but don't worry, you will bring great memories and the home will enjoy your adventures and experiences.

Your contact persons, supervisors and instructors for this trip are:

Vincent Drost

Alex Timmer



Organizing a winter sports holiday for your employees as a company is of course a fantastic idea, but not one without many pitfalls. Essential choices, taking into account the preferences and individual ski level of all group members, must be made.

Which ski area fits best, which accommodations are most suitable and what is the right transport? How do we arrange the equipment rental and insurance? How does skiing lessons work, which activities can and do we want to do and who provides the guidance? Who takes the photos and who puts an attractive lunch and tasty dinner on the table every day?

We will guide you completely professionally during this special winter sports trip in Iceland. Our Snowplanners are there for the entire trip for you and your friends / family / colleagues. Under the guidance of our Snowplanner Vincent, who has already earned his stripes in Iceland as an instructor, you can count on professional guidance with many years of professional experience. You create a good atmosphere, full of happy and sporty experiences … we take care of the rest.



Winter sports is so much more! Everything comes together during winter sports; sportiness, nature, friendship, adventure, mountains, snow and fun. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, there are also many other activities that are important. Think of hiking, tobogganing, freeride tour and après-ski evenings. For the business side, many options are also possible, such as; a team building day, conferences and workshops.

But also the inner person will be well looked after during this unique trip to Iceland, where the program is full of skiing, socializing, friendship, culture, traditions and of course great food. We provide high quality culinary evenings for you by a top chef at a high level. The Snowplanners know (with our Burgundian approach) how important cosiness and good dining is with your colleagues.

During our first meeting, face-to-face, we will discuss all your wishes and objectives to make the Iceland Ski Adventure a success that matches your preferences. We will also approach each group member to gauge expectations. We find personal contact essential in the run-up to a successful winter sports holiday.



Everything arranged to perfection, no worries and can fully enjoy a great winter sports holiday. That is what we stand for, no unexpected problems or annoying irritations that come around. Going on winter sports with your colleagues is of course fantastic, but it is when everyone with happy faces returns home safely and healthily.

In addition to transport, accommodation, planning, ski passes, supervision and total organization, we also ensure that everything is arranged at the rear. Think for example of the right winter sports insurance (European), with full coverage … even for off piste.

We put all travel information and the required documents on the company’s promotional site where every member can log in and view the departure times, programming and insurance, for example. All photos, videos and stories will also be posted on the promotional site.



Every group / company is therefore different, so also the wishes and objectives. Within the Iceland Ski Adventure there are many options to adjust the trip to your own preferences. We have listed a number of options (add-ons) for this that you can choose according to your own preferences. This is even possible in Iceland, as long as you indicate this to your personal Snowplanner one day in advance.

  • Freeride course
    Multiple instructors can teach you the intricacies of Freeriding.
  • Ski lessons
    If there is a need for snowboard or ski lessons, our instructors are ready for you.

They allready experienced it!


Request more information via this contact form, we will always contact you within one working day. The Snowplanners are engaged in winter sports 24/7, so they are also always available for comments, suggestions, adventurous and exciting ideas (as long as it is about winter sports).

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