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My name is Susan and I’m 20 years old.

At the age of 3 I learned how to ski. I’ve always had the best ski instructors and loved every second of it. As I grew older, I knew one thing for sure: there is going to be a moment where I will be the one in the red suit teaching children how to ski. And that’s exactly what happened!

In the summer of 2019, I got my Anwärter and in the first months of 2020 I was living the ski instructor dream in Fiss, Austria. In those few months my love for the mountains has only grown, even though I thought that that was impossible!

Currently, I’m living in Vlaardingen (South-Holland). Every year I go on a skiing trip with my family to Fiss. I’ve been there for over 19 times, so it definitely feels like my second home. And even after 19 years, Fiss never bores me. It’s still my favorite place to be!

It’s safe to say that there are two things certain in life: the fact that where all going to die, and the fact that I belong in the mountains!

We are Snowplanners and our heart just beats faster in the winter. We are a community of international snowsports professionals with the same white DNA where entrepreneurship, friendship, adventure, mountains, snow, sports, and fun are our core principles.

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