Snowplanner Monique

Raised in the Limburg mountains, with a huge love for the Austrian mountains. From childhood on, every year on wintersport trips. It is therefore really in her DNA. Started as a skier at the age of five but eventually switched to snowboarding. She is only happy making long tours, with a bit of responsible off-piste here and there. She seizes every opportunity to stand on her board.

Always in for a party, trying to turn every day into a festival and is a terrible animal lover. Monique currently also works as a graphic designer. Passion for image and video, therefore, always makes an after movie of every winter sports holiday. She loves to capture memories on image.

We are Snowplanners and our heart just beats faster in the winter. We are a community of international snowsports professionals with the same white DNA where entrepreneurship, friendship, adventure, mountains, snow, sports, and fun are our core principles.

We create, shape & execute custom-made ski and winter adventure trips for families, friends, and corporates.
We share our adventures, publish articles and inform you about the latest snow & weather forecasts in the mountains.

Connect with us for your next, ultimate snow experience. Our in-depth snow knowledge and experience allow us to deliver and perform at the highest level. Why? We admire and respect the mountains.
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