Snowplanner Geertje

Under the guise of “if she can walk, she can ski,” Geertje was put on a pair of plastic skietjes at the age of 1.5, and a year later it was time for the first pair of real skis. With two pairs of socks on because there were no ski boots in her size, she made her first ski meters. After the first time with the gondola up, little Geertje came downstairs, howling because she wanted to go again and was not allowed. It is clear that that love of skiing has never disappeared.

In the meantime, Geertje has won 24 national titles in alpine skiing. In different age categories and disciplines, and on all surfaces. In addition, she has also performed well in international competitions, such as a 14th place at the Universiade, 3rd at the German junior championships and a 22nd place in the European Cup.

After 9 years of top sport and various injuries, it was time to put an end to the top sport career and she started working as a coordinator at Snowsports Academy Racing. After 3 years in that position, she started working as a self-employed person. Geertje is currently training ski skiers at Ski Racing Heemskerk, has her own G-Force team and partly runs a team for juniors and senior racers from the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, she also likes to work with fanatic and advanced adults. And finally, in the little bit of time that remains, as an EQfit coach, she helps people with their personal development.

By the way, don’t underestimate Geertje as a “slalom girl”. She also likes to go down in the field and put Berber on fire in the Dutch freeride competitions.

Ski courses: Landes 1, Alpinkurs, D-Trainer and Trainergrundkurs.

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