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My love affair with Snow-Sports began when I was a kid, no idea how old. But less than 10 for sure. I remember sledging on a private ski club hill in the Peak District, Derbyshire. Seeing some skiers and a button lift, I knew I wanted this.

Ski Sunday and the two Bell Brothers, Martin and Graham racing for GB later caught my imagination. My course was set. I first skied age 14. Pamporovo, Bulgaria, 1989.

Day 1. I reasoned snowplough was unnecessary. I could basically speed skate on the ice rink. Surely, I could do parallels easy? I suggested this to my instructor, he disagreed. I refused to learn snowplough. On that basis we fell out.

So, after lunch on day 1, for this reason, my instructor said follow his directions and snowplough with the class or ski on my own. On my own it was. I skied on the same hill next to my ski class, alone. I fell. Lots.

End of Day 2, after falling & failing, then failing & falling, the parallels clicked. I never looked back. A speed demon was born. End of Day 3 I skied down “the Wall”.

These days, I’m a 21year old kid trapped in a well-used (maybe abused) body, 44 years old. My sporting lifetime includes playing a little pro & semi pro cricket, being a licensed free fall skydiver, motorsports participant, martial artist (karate) and super keen skier (I qualified as an instructor with IASI in 2015) for 30 years.

In 2019 I vowed to step away from corporate life to develop myself as a Life/Success Coach. My intention was for my life to be reformed around my skiing. I am slowly re-dedicating my life. Skiing is now my dominant sport & passion. Mountain life is in my soul. My love of sport at the heart of it all.

My vision, through the medium of skiing, is to coach people in the art of the growth mindset. To help develop and leverage internal mental power to drive you onwards and upwards, to strengthen the body and mind and fulfil all your potential, create success for yourself and discover your joy, on or off the Mountain.

January 20, 2020 brought a significant life event. My right ski came off carving round an S bend hard left. I was thrown into at least two trees. My injuries? 16 bone fractures, a lung haematoma, exploded knee. 2 operations, titanium leg plates, reconstructed knee.  Still a speed demon lives.

Rehab will be long and hard. For season 2021 to be my comeback I will work harder than ever before. I will recover. I will be stronger. I will be a better skier and a better coach. I will succeed and leverage my experience to help people who want and need a little help to reach their dream. I will make this experience become a benefit for myself and others

What is my experience for, if not for the use and benefit those who seek help and support to develop their life and realise their dreams?

Combining innovative approaches to traditional ski teaching with other modes of learning and a proprietary model for success, psychological resilience and strength development, I will enable and support people to reach and achieve their own dreams, in skiing and in life.

Because for Me, Skiing IS LIFE and every Human Being deserves to live unlimited. Come & Ski, let me delimit you.

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