Snowplanner Annika

As a 9 year old girl I got to experience skiing for the first time. However my first attempt wasn’t on a snowy slope it was on the dry ski slope ‘de wolfskamer’. No crunching white powder underneath me but balancing my way down on with dishwashing liquid dripping planks… it wasn’t necessarily love at first sight. A dry ski slope is quite hard to master and can be a real pain in the ass. But once you’ve got the hang of it you’ve made a pretty good start. During our families’ first winter sport vacation all dry slope trauma evaporated and I instantly developed a deep admiration for skiing.

That deep felt love was the reason I traveled to Austria at the age of 19 to follow the Anwärter study that even further catapulted the passion. Two seasons followed and many vacations were spend as a ski instructor in the snow. Up in the mountains is where I belong. The speed… adrenaline… freedom… it still gives me that ultimate feeling of being alive. In a white wonderland setting as enchanting like what you read in a fairy tale. I couldn’t ask for more.

After my study within the social sector I started my career in a rather different one; the media. A fast paced and dynamic world. I discovered that I wasn’t an all-rounder exclusively to the slopes but as well at work. Thanks to my creative and innovative views and ideas on certain topics I got quickly promoted to manager of big projects. Though being on top of my game I saw in 2015 my own snow melting before my very eyes. I felt stuck in this 9 to 9 mentality that left me with an empty feeling far from freedom. After some time off I decided to only partake in things that make me truly happy which is skiing and working with children combined with as much creativity possible. So I’ve made a 180 turn career switch. Besides anything skiing I’m currently setting up my own Children’s therapy practice Tante Anni where I provide therapy based on problem solving that can be found naturally within nature. The idea sprouted from the long cherished wish that every child  should be able to learn how to deal with its problems in a natural fashion and together with a therapist they’ll be transformed into adventures in the outdoors.

I see myself as a woman who is a true all-rounder in ski boots and high heels who aims to continuously warrant the feeling of joy and happiness for herself and others.

Life is one big adventure.

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