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You can buy skis, or you could rent them. But why should you buy and why would you rent? And what other gear should you consider spending money on first? Rent If you rent skis, you save yourself the hassle of transport and maintenance. If you don’t like the pair you’re on, you can change […]


Last snow season came to an abrupt halt when the COVID-19 virus kicked in. Especially for those in the northern hemisphere a new winter never seemed far away, so I won’t judge you if your physical shape isn’t what it used to be. Meanwhile, next winter is approaching fast and we’re all looking forward to […]


Fear is a common thing in snowsports. Alpine, freestyle, freeride skiing and snowboarding are considered high-risk sports or extreme sports. To perform well in these kinds of sports you need education, courage, and perseverance. But if fear comes in the way it can be a serious obstacle in your learning process.   How can you […]


The weather has a strong influence on the experience of your outdoor activity, especially in the mountains. In the Alps, you could easily be surprised by unpredictable weather, even if it seems to be calm and sunny at first sight. For example, you could suddenly be confronted with thunderstorms, or get in an unexpected blizzard […]


Have you ever thought of building your own pair of skis? And have you ever considered actually realizing this idea? Well, I did and I will give explain why and how it works! Everything started in high school at the age of 16. Me and two other guys had the crazy idea to build a […]


As of 2013-2014, Warth-Schröcken and Lech-Zürs are connected by a mostly horizontal 10 person cable car. A change many saw coming, as the two areas had been in sight of one another for a long time. Skiing enthusiasts enjoying their stay in Warth-Schröcken would now have the opportunity to ski in the luxurious Lech-Zürs ski […]


Marco is our Snowplanner in Norway and was born in the Lake District of Italy on February 4, 1967. Married. Master in Business Administration at Bocconi University. Self employed. Italian passport. Operating with the company Sailingtheweb Ltd, UK. As a Snowplanner Marco organize cool Ski and Sailing trips in Norway. Land-based career and activities Financial manager from 1990 to 1999 Yacht broker since 2000 at Sailingtheweb Ltd. Technological start-up manager since 2016 at Sailing History Italian bluewater licence in 1990, power and sail.  Several years dinghy sailing in Snipe Class. Purchased an old S&S Swan in 1998 and started 5 years of sailing between Atlantic and Pacific. Chartering for Ocean Voyages since 1999. Sailing expertise Specialized in high latitude sailing, always as vessel master; several seasons and around 20,000 miles sailed in Alaska, Patagonia, North and Baltic Seas, Brittany and Norway. Sailing in cold waters, icy conditions, strong currents and williwaws. Charter Charter captain since 1999, with hundreds of guests on private and charter monohulls and catamarans up to 60 ft. Sailing areas Patagonia, Brasil, Alaska, Norway, Sweden, Caribbean, Central America and Mediterranean (especially Italy, Corsica, Sardinia, Spain, Croatia and Greece). I have been also embarked, upon special request, as cook. A long list of references is available upon request.  

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This versatile ski star moves in different disciplines within the winter sport. Rarely can she be found on the slopes, but all the more in the park and outside. In addition, she has specialized over the years in the structures of adapted winter sports. After her first training in Sport Management & Entrepreneurship, Caroline went on an adventure and spent three seasons in a row (Canada, Austria and New Zealand) literally tasting the snow. It tasted like more! During her second study, she went looking for winter sports in the Netherlands and she started freestyling. She spent many hours in the park of the indoor halls and trained with the freestyle team Steasy and participated in various competitions. After completing her second Masters in Sport Policy and Organization, she found work in winter sports. At the NSkiV she has put the structure for the adapted winter sports on the map and thus offered the possibility that everyone with a disability, just like everyone else, can enjoy winter sports. This structure has paid off and many people with physical disabilities have started practicing winter sports, some of which are now even professional. Organizing and initiating international projects and races, including World Cups, is no stranger to her either. During her employment, she has put many initiatives for adapted winter sports on the market together with other countries and the IPC. Nowadays she enjoys freeriding to the fullest. She was able to do this fully in Japan and in the surroundings of Kaprun. Whether it is a trip with many altimeters, sleeping in a mountain hut or putting a boat pack, challenging yourself while skiing and discovering beautiful places in the remote nature is for her the most beautiful thing there is.In 2017 she started her own organization, called: UP Adaptive Sports. UP stands for Unlimited Possibilities and offers a wide range of adaptive skiing or snowboard activities for people who are physically or mentally disabled. She does that in the area of Kaprun, Austria. For more information look at Experiencing winter sports is very high on her priority list and therefore she follows the advice given: “just enjoy!”


My love affair with Snow-Sports began when I was a kid, no idea how old. But less than 10 for sure. I remember sledging on a private ski club hill in the Peak District, Derbyshire. Seeing some skiers and a button lift, I knew I wanted this. Ski Sunday and the two Bell Brothers, Martin and Graham racing for GB later caught my imagination. My course was set. I first skied age 14. Pamporovo, Bulgaria, 1989. Day 1. I reasoned snowplough was unnecessary. I could basically speed skate on the ice rink. Surely, I could do parallels easy? I suggested this to my instructor, he disagreed. I refused to learn snowplough. On that basis we fell out. So, after lunch on day 1, for this reason, my instructor said follow his directions and snowplough with the class or ski on my own. On my own it was. I skied on the same hill next to my ski class, alone. I fell. Lots. End of Day 2, after falling & failing, then failing & falling, the parallels clicked. I never looked back. A speed demon was born. End of Day 3 I skied down “the Wall”. These days, I’m a 21year old kid trapped in a well-used (maybe abused) body, 44 years old. My sporting lifetime includes playing a little pro & semi pro cricket, being a licensed free fall skydiver, motorsports participant, martial artist (karate) and super keen skier (I qualified as an instructor with IASI in 2015) for 30 years. In 2019 I vowed to step away from corporate life to develop myself as a Life/Success Coach. My intention was for my life to be reformed around my skiing. I am slowly re-dedicating my life. Skiing is now my dominant sport & passion. Mountain life is in my soul. My love of sport at the heart of it all. My vision, through the medium of skiing, is to coach people in the art of the growth mindset. To help develop and leverage internal mental power to drive you onwards and upwards, to strengthen the body and mind and fulfil all your potential, create success for yourself and discover your joy, on or off the Mountain. January 20, 2020 brought a significant life event. My right ski came off carving round an S bend hard left. I was thrown into at least two trees. My injuries? 16 bone fractures, a lung haematoma, exploded knee. 2 operations, titanium leg plates, reconstructed knee.  Still a speed demon lives. Rehab will be long and hard. For season 2021 to be my comeback I will work harder than ever before. I will recover. I will be stronger. I will be a better skier and a better coach. I will succeed and leverage my experience to help people who want and need a little help to reach their dream. I will make this experience become a benefit for myself and others What is my experience for, if not for the use and benefit those who seek help and support to develop their life and realise their dreams? Combining innovative approaches to traditional ski teaching with other modes of learning and a proprietary model for success, psychological resilience and strength development, I will enable and support people to reach and achieve their own dreams, in skiing and in life. Because for Me, Skiing IS LIFE and every Human Being deserves to live unlimited. Come & Ski, let me delimit you.


From the first moment that Peter saw snowflakes flutter down, he was enchanted by the winter. After years of nagging at his parents, they finally took him on winter sports at the age of 10. When skiing went smoothly, snowboarding became the next goal. From the age of 16 he went out with friends. First the French student destinations Les Deux Alpes, St. Sorlin and Val Thorens. Then Andorra, Zillertal and Brixental. When his study of Economic Geography entered the final phase, Peter started thinking about a snow-rich sequel. He was allowed to write to the state of Washington in the United States to write his thesis. To be able to stand in the snow himself, he chose climate change and its influence on ski areas as the subject. From the University of Seattle, Peter often moved into the Cascade Range and Olympic Mountains. To conduct interviews in ski resorts but of course also to make the necessary descents. After his diploma he could finally do a season in the snow. He spent a winter in Königsleiten and then in Scandinavia. For Snowboarder MAG, Peter made a tour in a converted van. He wrote articles about unknown ski resorts in Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. This was not only about snowboarding but also about the difference in culture and winter sports experience. In Kyrgyzstan, Peter sold his converted van. The Kyrgyz buyer (Maksat) became his best friend. Maksat rented skis from a sea container of 20 years old. He wanted to use the purchased van to bring skis from the city to the ski area (15 km away). Exporting the Dutch van took the necessary time. In the meantime, Peter spent a lot of time with Maksat’s family and friends. He got to know the ins and outs of Kyrgyz life. When he returned to the Netherlands, he wanted to support the local skiers. Peter took a job at Bizztravel in Groningen. As a buyer for winter sports, he spent enough time in the snow. He also met many entrepreneurs from the winter sports industry. In this way, Peter collected material for Maksat in Kyrgyzstan. Skis, snowboards, clothing, sledges and avalanche equipment. He sent this to Central Asia to breathe new life into the local ski rental. Moreover, he regularly went there to freeride. When he started supporting several ski projects, he founded a foundation with friends. This Ryce Travel Foundation helped with the construction of a yurt camp, donated clothing, gave ski lessons and started a football school (because they happened to receive a container with second-hand football clothing). The foundation also tried to bring Central Asia to the attention of Western travelers. When you got there on the slopes you would hear no language other than Kyrgyz, Kazakh, Uzbek or Russian. When Bizztravel was sold in 2015, Peter decided to offer trips himself. These journeys naturally began in Kyrgyzstan. It had to be a trip where the local economy was supported and where travelers would see something of the country in addition to winter sports. It had to be a winter sport that you will never forget. The ski areas are quite limited so Peter was committed to creating a total experience. He convinced local owners to run a yurt camp in the winter and he ensured that the horses came from the stable in the winter. Eventually it became a trip with skiing in a ski area, droppings with a Pistenbully, sleeping in yurts, swimming in hot springs, singing during karaoke, horse riding with downhill, hiking among red rocks, strolling in the capital Bishkek and dancing in a pajama in a spa complex. Everywhere you are taken care of by local people, you sleep in local guesthouses and you eat local meals. And if you are white, you can leave winter sports items for local projects. These journeys have been expanded enormously in recent years with destinations along the former silk route. Ryce Travel now offers trips to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Turkey and Lebanon. In addition, the foundation has started building so-called Travel HUBs. In the town of Karakol (Kyrgyzstan) a meeting center for tourists and locals was opened last summer. In the HUB is a ski rental, an outdoor shop, a coffee shop, a pub, a roof terrace and an information center. The same concept will be realized in Peja (Kosovo) and in Tbilisi (Georgia) in the coming years. Peter nowadays spends most of his winters in countries along the Silk Road. This year he even organizes the first Silkroad Freeride Tour where local freeriders can participate in a four-day event in Karakol, Kyrgyzstan. They are trained by pro-riders from Europe and the US. The goal is to prepare local freeriders for the World Freeride Tour.

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Snow Sports are the power of the mountains .. Endless and impressive views. We admire the mountains and they are also our starting point for speed, adrenaline, pure oxygen and new energy.

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We are 50 snow sports enthusiasts and all professionals with DNA. When we are on the mountain, we write about our greatest passion and love for winter sports. We all do this fanatically and read our experiences, experiences, tests, ideas, and opinions on our website and our other media channels, such as With […]


With great pleasure, we’re able to announce about the amazing collaboration that has developed between Snowplanners and the young ski talent Luca Stocker and all the people who support him in his sporting career. From this point on Snowplanners will be Media Partner and ski Community that will follow Luca closely and will regularly report […]


With great sadness, it has reached us the news of the death of Laurent Boix-Vives. The iconic company president Rossignol for almost 50 years, from 1956 to 2005, died on Thursday, June 18 at the age of 93. Nightingale loses its iconic figure, who made a small craft workshop in Voiron the world’s first ski […]


Actief genieten in de Dolomieten! Wij ontwikkelen een reis voor actieve singles van 25 tot 45 jaar die in een kleinschalige opzet en ongedwongen sfeer willen wintersporten en andere mensen ontmoeten. Overdag lekker stevige tochten maken, maar natuurlijk ook volop genieten van het heerlijke eten en drinken in een van de mooiste decors ter wereld. […]


We are Snowplanners and our heart beats faster in the winter. We are a community of international snow sports professionals with the same white DNA where entrepreneurship, friendship, adventure, mountains, snow, sports and fun are always central.

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Call us for your next and ultimate ski experience based on years of knowledge and experience. The Snowplanners perform at the highest level for your skiing pleasure. Because we admire the mountains just like you do.