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Coming days, most snow will fall in the north of the Alps, especially in Austria. It is cold with a snow line below 500 meters. There are large differences with the south and southwestern parts of the Alps, where we find more sunny periods and higher temperatures. Next week, we will find dry and sunny […]


Standard *liners, Custom liners, Memory Foam & Foam liners. Cork liners, Liquid Fluid, or Thermo Molding Liners…You name it! Everything is possible and available nowadays. What to decide? Hopefully, after reading this blog you’ll have more insights being able to have a proper conversation with your boot fitter, once you have decided to start fitting […]


Good news for the winter lover: coming days will bring different weather than last week with snowfall, but also with strong winds. A few centimeters of snow will already fall on Friday and Saturday, but from Sunday more serious snowfall is expected on the northern and northwestern side of the Alps. The snow chances decrease […]


Just before the weekend, some fresh snow will fall in Austria and Switzerland. Above 1000-1500 meters it will be white again. On Saturday and Sunday it will be mostly dry and the sun will come though in many areas. The freezing level will be between 1000 meters in the east and 2000 meters in the […]


Avalanches are always a popular topic for conversations and articles in the press. Unfortunately, a lot of nonsense is told and so all kinds of misunderstandings arise each winter sports season. Therefore, Rolf Westerhof, Founder of Snow Safety Center, has summarized 11 misconceptions, hoping to clarify the unknown or underestimations of Avalanches. 1.       OFF PISTE; […]


Today it will be mostly cloudy in the Alps, but during the weekend the sun will come through. With 10-15 degrees it feels like the first spring days of the year. After the weekend the temperatures even climb further up and the wind declines. Locally, 20 degrees may not be excluded. Second half of the […]


As a four-year-old, Roos was on skis for the first time in the more than well-known village of Ellmau in Skiwelt. Since then she has been going skiing with her family every year to the same village, and her love for winter sports has ignited. At the age of 16 she made a short trip to the Wolfskamer in Huizen to follow slalom training. Here the interest arose to become a ski instructor. At the age of 18 she left for Tyrol to get her Anwärter, and then went back to Ellmau where she always had lessons to teach at the same ski school. Since 2011/2012 she has been teaching here every year. In daily life she works as a bartender in one of Amsterdam’s famous brown pubs ‘Cafe Welling’, she stands as DJ Doornroosje behind turntables at events and festivals, she organizes parties in the LGBTIQ scene, and she works as an LGBTIQ activist at Stichting Fonds de Trut. A busy jack-of-all-trades, therefore, and certainly a bird of paradise. Her greatest passion still lies in skiing, and she experiences the ultimate feeling on a tightly prepared slope early in the morning, already carving towards the most beautiful slopes, most authentic Alm’s, and huts. Enjoying local food, culture and last but not least; a fresh, tightly taped Weizen. She is certainly not averse to the Apres ski, where she sometimes also appears behind the turntables to get the ski and board shoes off the floor. The best thing about skiing is the feeling of freedom, the improvement of techniques, and the moment that you take the first turn, with the valley in sight, you can be completely detached from the rest of the world. Giving ski lessons also brings her a lot of pleasure. Every person you teach is different, and it’s always the best challenge to coach each individual, and see how someone develops.

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Annemiek was on skis for the first time at the age of four. Her flashy skiing career began by participating in the “gästerennen” in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis at the end of the ski class. Winter sports soon became her favorite holiday, preferably several times a year! After her study Educational Science & Technology, she went after the winter. Summer in the Netherlands? Surely there must be snow somewhere else in the world? And yes, she continued her career in New Zealand and followed a ski instructor training, after which she would stick to a winter in Canada. After having been in the office for 3 years in the Netherlands, she wanted to go to the snow for a little longer than 1 week a year in paid vacation days. It became a Japan season. And then really back to the office! But not for long …. The Japow liked it so much that she will spend her fifth winter in Japan next season. She is now also a snowboard teacher and has followed the necessary back country courses. Together with her husband Merijn, they have since bought a lodge and set up their own snowsports school. They both fell in love with the snow, the culture and the possibilities that Japan has to offer. With their company Japan Snowsports, the couple offers its customers a great Japan experience both in powder and beyond. Oh yes, and on the side she does some extra work as a freelance e-learning specialist. By organizing her life in this way she knows how to combine her passions for learning and snow in the ultimate way.


Dear skilovers, I was bornin January the 13 in 1982. in Serbia, South-eastern Europe, and started with skiing when I was 3 years old. Racing career began when I was 6 years old and it last till my 14 in the first phase. I won many national races and medals. In 2002. I become a member of a national ski patrol/mountain rescue squad. Two years later I become a ski instructor with licence, and been working still. In 2005. Serbian RED BULL corporation offered me to go in Slovenia, Kanin, as country representative and to took part in international freeride race, which I did, cause I am a huge offpiste lover. It was a great experience for me. In 2011. I started with ski camps for kids from 7 to 15 years old, and have from 200 to 300 kids during season. That camps become something very recognizable in Serbia with much integrity. In 2015 and 2016. I worked as a ski coach of a local racing kids ski team. In 2010. I received a call from national sport military team and become a member. In the same year, a brought a bronze medal to my military team, and also in a top ten in a slalom race. The winner of the race was Giuliano Razzoli for Italian military team, and only a month before, he won a gold medal in Vancouver winter olypmic games. In 2017, I have opened a ski school in a Kopaonik ski resort, with about 50 ski instructors. Since 2005. I took a part in many ofroad actions and expeditions, heli skiing in Monte Negro etc. In a last three years I organize 3 days ski courses for advanced skiers with lecturing, video analisys. Last year, i had more than 50 participants; this year, I expect around 100. I am also a founder of a brand @skilikepro wich will provide the best quality online ski tutorial – 15 GOLDEN RULES OF SKIING with more than 15 world languages. We filmed it in Dolomity, with professional cameras, did a very good design, animations, and original music. The course will be published in the middle of october 2020. Longing to see reactions, and wish you all another great season!

Boek nu!


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Today it will be mostly cloudy in the Alps, but during the weekend the sun will come through. With 10-15 degrees it feels like the first spring days of the year. After the weekend the temperatures even climb further up and the wind declines. Locally, 20 degrees may not be excluded. Second half of the […]


With COVID-19 putting severe restrictions on traveling to ski areas across the world, for many skiers, the mountains are simply too far away now. As we have already been looking at several opportunities of skiing close to home (see treadmill ski article), we would also point out another opportunity for which many people do not […]


Today we will have fresh snow in the Western half of the Alps and in France 20 centimeters can fall. From Sunday the clouds will disappear and the sun will shine brightly. It is cold with sub-zero temperatures and in the nights it will be below -15 degrees on large scale. In the course of […]


Within Boot Fitting techniques you can include all the techniques ranging from lengthening or shortening of the hull plastics to thermoforming, to adding custom insoles or volume changes. The possibilities of modifying the boot are many and depend on the will (or need) of the user and the skill of the technician. One of the […]


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