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Since recent snowy days in the Alps, many people are looking forward to the coming winter sports season. At the moment, winter is in a lower gear with mainly above-zero temperatures. Despite that, it is still nice to enjoy the mountains with some sunshine. In the course of next week, some cold scenarios will be […]


Do you want to experience winter sports in their purest form? Then visit Myrkdalen in Western Norway. Fjords and winter sports come together in a snow-rich area where you have the ski slopes for yourself. Besides skiing and snowboarding, many more activities are possible, such as kite skiing, ski Randonnée, and a boat trip. After […]


The Alps are experiencing variable weather conditions. Areas of precipitation are regularly sweeping across the Alps, but there are also dry parts of the day with sunshine. Lower mountain ranges also turn white.  In many winter sports areas the snow cannons are already functioning, the winter season is approaching! Recently some snow has already fallen […]

FORECAST FRIDAY: Lots of sun and good snow conditions in the Alps

The last few days, the Alps have been experiencing beautiful winter sport weather. Also, the coming days the Alps can count on beautiful conditions with lots of sunshine. However, during the day it might thaw a bit. Next week the snow chances will increase again. For the Balkan countries snow is on the program the […]


After a number of very mild days in the Alps with rain in some skiing villages and thawing conditions, the temperature will drop over the next few days. In addition, snow is on the way. For the time being, the weather is quite changeable, but there are also moments with sunshine. The ski resorts closer […]


This weekend we find sunny weather in the Alps. Since some snow has fallen today, the slopes in especially the northern Alps are of very good quality! After the weekend there are more clouds, and some snow arrives from the west. This will mostly fall in France and Italy, but maybe also in the Dolomites. […]


Brian is the founder of Through this platform, he wants to bring the intricacies of high performance skiing to anyone who wants to hear it taught. The perfect bend, that is what Brian strives for. He himself skims to make each turn slightly better than the previous one. Preferably between the posts, giant slalom or slalom. It will therefore not surprise you that Brian used to ski races. He started skiing when he was 2 years old and at the age of 7 he started skiing competitions, first at the Wolfskamer and then at Ski-Pro. After years of being in the top 3 of Dutch youth, he regrettably stopped this wonderful hobby. Brian has been teaching ski lessons for years, last season he was as ski instructor at 1. Skischule Kühtai, and he also trained the local competition team. If Brian is not in the white gold, he likes to read scientific articles about skiing. In short, Brian is a real skiing technique nerd.

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My love affair with Snow-Sports began when I was a kid, no idea how old. But less than 10 for sure. I remember sledging on a private ski club hill in the Peak District, Derbyshire. Seeing some skiers and a button lift, I knew I wanted this. Ski Sunday and the two Bell Brothers, Martin and Graham racing for GB later caught my imagination. My course was set. I first skied age 14. Pamporovo, Bulgaria, 1989. Day 1. I reasoned snowplough was unnecessary. I could basically speed skate on the ice rink. Surely, I could do parallels easy? I suggested this to my instructor, he disagreed. I refused to learn snowplough. On that basis we fell out. So, after lunch on day 1, for this reason, my instructor said follow his directions and snowplough with the class or ski on my own. On my own it was. I skied on the same hill next to my ski class, alone. I fell. Lots. End of Day 2, after falling & failing, then failing & falling, the parallels clicked. I never looked back. A speed demon was born. End of Day 3 I skied down “the Wall”. These days, I’m a 21year old kid trapped in a well-used (maybe abused) body, 44 years old. My sporting lifetime includes playing a little pro & semi pro cricket, being a licensed free fall skydiver, motorsports participant, martial artist (karate) and super keen skier (I qualified as an instructor with IASI in 2015) for 30 years. In 2019 I vowed to step away from corporate life to develop myself as a Life/Success Coach. My intention was for my life to be reformed around my skiing. I am slowly re-dedicating my life. Skiing is now my dominant sport & passion. Mountain life is in my soul. My love of sport at the heart of it all. My vision, through the medium of skiing, is to coach people in the art of the growth mindset. To help develop and leverage internal mental power to drive you onwards and upwards, to strengthen the body and mind and fulfil all your potential, create success for yourself and discover your joy, on or off the Mountain. January 20, 2020 brought a significant life event. My right ski came off carving round an S bend hard left. I was thrown into at least two trees. My injuries? 16 bone fractures, a lung haematoma, exploded knee. 2 operations, titanium leg plates, reconstructed knee.  Still a speed demon lives. Rehab will be long and hard. For season 2021 to be my comeback I will work harder than ever before. I will recover. I will be stronger. I will be a better skier and a better coach. I will succeed and leverage my experience to help people who want and need a little help to reach their dream. I will make this experience become a benefit for myself and others What is my experience for, if not for the use and benefit those who seek help and support to develop their life and realise their dreams? Combining innovative approaches to traditional ski teaching with other modes of learning and a proprietary model for success, psychological resilience and strength development, I will enable and support people to reach and achieve their own dreams, in skiing and in life. Because for Me, Skiing IS LIFE and every Human Being deserves to live unlimited. Come & Ski, let me delimit you.


Dear skilovers, I was bornin January the 13 in 1982. in Serbia, South-eastern Europe, and started with skiing when I was 3 years old. Racing career began when I was 6 years old and it last till my 14 in the first phase. I won many national races and medals. In 2002. I become a member of a national ski patrol/mountain rescue squad. Two years later I become a ski instructor with licence, and been working still. In 2005. Serbian RED BULL corporation offered me to go in Slovenia, Kanin, as country representative and to took part in international freeride race, which I did, cause I am a huge offpiste lover. It was a great experience for me. In 2011. I started with ski camps for kids from 7 to 15 years old, and have from 200 to 300 kids during season. That camps become something very recognizable in Serbia with much integrity. In 2015 and 2016. I worked as a ski coach of a local racing kids ski team. In 2010. I received a call from national sport military team and become a member. In the same year, a brought a bronze medal to my military team, and also in a top ten in a slalom race. The winner of the race was Giuliano Razzoli for Italian military team, and only a month before, he won a gold medal in Vancouver winter olypmic games. In 2017, I have opened a ski school in a Kopaonik ski resort, with about 50 ski instructors. Since 2005. I took a part in many ofroad actions and expeditions, heli skiing in Monte Negro etc. In a last three years I organize 3 days ski courses for advanced skiers with lecturing, video analisys. Last year, i had more than 50 participants; this year, I expect around 100. I am also a founder of a brand @skilikepro wich will provide the best quality online ski tutorial – 15 GOLDEN RULES OF SKIING with more than 15 world languages. We filmed it in Dolomity, with professional cameras, did a very good design, animations, and original music. The course will be published in the middle of october 2020. Longing to see reactions, and wish you all another great season!


Gaby is a skier born and raised in the French Alps of Chamonix Mont-Blanc. After ski racing at the international level in France and throughout Europe as a junior, he moved over to Vermont (USA) in 2013 and Montreal (Canada) in 2017 to pursue his college and professional ski career as well as getting his B.Sc of Marketing and Sociology from the University of Vermont and M.Sc of Marketing from HEC Montreal. After 10+ years of international ski racing on the European cup, Nor-Am cup, NCAA circuit, and World Pro Ski Tour, Gaby switched over to start his coaching career with the University of Montreal men’s program in 2019. He is now the coach of AJ Ginnis, a top-level athlete from Greece competing in the FIS World Cup tour and the 2021 Cortina d’Ampezzo Ski World Championships. Aside from ski racing, Gaby is passionate about mountaineering, climbing, freeride skiing and cross-country skiing. Over the years, he had the privilege to organize and hop on many ski trips in various places such as Colorado, Wyoming, British Columbia, Yukon, Quebec, as well as all over the Eastern USA and Europe. After 4 years as a marketing & innovation manager in the IT consulting and healthcare industries, Gaby also has a strong professional background in digital marketing, digital transformation & IT strategy as well as event planning.   Could it be on skis or behind a screen, Gaby is always on board to take on new thrilling experiences, challenge the status quo, and hack growth for innovative and sustainable initiatives.

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The Alps are experiencing variable weather conditions. Areas of precipitation are regularly sweeping across the Alps, but there are also dry parts of the day with sunshine. Lower mountain ranges also turn white.  In many winter sports areas the snow cannons are already functioning, the winter season is approaching! Recently some snow has already fallen […]


Komende tijd is het wisselvallig in grote delen van Europa, ook in de Alpen. De hoogte waarop neerslag in de vorm van sneeuw valt schommelt daarbij flink. Hoge delen kunnen in ieder geval rekenen op een flink pak. Dit geldt zeker voor skigebieden van Frankrijk en Italië. Er valt komende dagen regelmatig neerslag in het […]


10 november 2022, 11:32 Afgelopen nacht is op veel plaatsen in de Alpen neerslag gevallen. Boven 1500 meter viel op veel plaatsen een laag sneeuw en de toppen kleurden dan ook wit. De komende dagen komt er geen nieuwe sneeuw meer bij, want het blijft droog en de zon schijnt flink. Het wordt dan ook […]


Donderdag en vrijdag valt regionaal flink wat sneeuw. Wat doet het weer daarna in de Alpen? Vandaag nog zacht Net als in Nederland is het in de Alpen afgelopen tijd vaak zeer zacht geweest. Ook vandaag liggen de maxima in de steden rond de Alpen nog tussen 15 en 18 graden en in de wintersportplaatsen […]


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