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When going to the Alps, you can sometimes observe strongly different types of weather between both sides of the mountain ridge. One moment you enjoy warm and sunny weather, next you drive through a tunnel and suddenly it is rainy when you get out of it. Often, this contrast is caused by foehn winds. After […]


The Lowlanders Alpine Race Team is based on belief amongst lowlander alpine skiing countries that we can establish a stronger FIS team across nations than we can individually, and that our challenges can best be addressed by working and pooling resources together. The start Our first conversations were at a joint FIS camp in Kvitjell […]


Season 2013/2014, a long-cherished dream came true: I went to Austria for a whole season to ski! At the time, I had a job as a high school teacher in physical education, but I was given the opportunity to take unpaid leave that season. I did have a few physical complaints, but I always thought […]


You can buy skis, or you could rent them. But why should you buy and why would you rent? And what other gear should you consider spending money on first? Rent If you rent skis, you save yourself the hassle of transport and maintenance. If you don’t like the pair you’re on, you can change […]


Last snow season came to an abrupt halt when the COVID-19 virus kicked in. Especially for those in the northern hemisphere a new winter never seemed far away, so I won’t judge you if your physical shape isn’t what it used to be. Meanwhile, next winter is approaching fast and we’re all looking forward to […]


Fear is a common thing in snowsports. Alpine, freestyle, freeride skiing and snowboarding are considered high-risk sports or extreme sports. To perform well in these kinds of sports you need education, courage, and perseverance. But if fear comes in the way it can be a serious obstacle in your learning process.   How can you […]


As a four-year-old, Roos was on skis for the first time in the more than well-known village of Ellmau in Skiwelt. Since then she has been going skiing with her family every year to the same village, and her love for winter sports has ignited. At the age of 16 she made a short trip to the Wolfskamer in Huizen to follow slalom training. Here the interest arose to become a ski instructor. At the age of 18 she left for Tyrol to get her Anwärter, and then went back to Ellmau where she always had lessons to teach at the same ski school. Since 2011/2012 she has been teaching here every year. In daily life she works as a bartender in one of Amsterdam’s famous brown pubs ‘Cafe Welling’, she stands as DJ Doornroosje behind turntables at events and festivals, she organizes parties in the LGBTIQ scene, and she works as an LGBTIQ activist at Stichting Fonds de Trut. A busy jack-of-all-trades, therefore, and certainly a bird of paradise. Her greatest passion still lies in skiing, and she experiences the ultimate feeling on a tightly prepared slope early in the morning, already carving towards the most beautiful slopes, most authentic Alm’s, and huts. Enjoying local food, culture and last but not least; a fresh, tightly taped Weizen. She is certainly not averse to the Apres ski, where she sometimes also appears behind the turntables to get the ski and board shoes off the floor. The best thing about skiing is the feeling of freedom, the improvement of techniques, and the moment that you take the first turn, with the valley in sight, you can be completely detached from the rest of the world. Giving ski lessons also brings her a lot of pleasure. Every person you teach is different, and it’s always the best challenge to coach each individual, and see how someone develops.

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Merijn has been working as a sports instructor since 2000, but postponed winter sports for as long as possible the first time. He knew that after the first time he wanted nothing else and there probably wouldn’t be any money left for a summer vacation. At the age of 23, it was really going to happen and was immediately sold. At the time working as a full time skating and inline skating and outdoor instructor. From 2009, winter sports holidays were no longer enough and he left for New Zealand for his first full season. He obtained his first snowboard instructor degrees that season. Many more would follow in the snow, the counter now stands at 15. In addition to snowboarding, he also obtained his degrees for skiing and back country. Since he makes it a habit to turn his hobbies into his work, he has also become a kite surfing instructor. In all seasons people worked full time as ski and snowboard instructor / guide. If there is no snow to play in, he is standing behind the stove in a number of renowned restaurants in Amsterdam. After New Zealand and Canada, the last 6 years were in Japan. Here the love for culture, food and snow (lots of snow!) Came together. For the time being he is not going to leave it either. Together with his wife Annemiek, they have bought a lodge and set up their own snowsports school. The Japan Snowsports company wants to distinguish itself through a customized product. In addition, they look for the best snow and terrain for their customers.


Passionate about skiing passionate about sports. Starting with soccer when I was 2 years old on the Italian beach. Regardless if this was soccer later tennis, hockey, squash, ski and lately swimming the 11 city run for cancer research, I am enthusiastic and always focussed on sportsmanship and team spirit. Most of all I love to ski and share my expertise & experience to improve others in their talent. Making our mutual enthusiasm bigger and smile together. Regardless if this is a beginner slope, black run, buckle piste or off piste. We win or we learn and the sun always shines. I always wanted to focus on one sport completely and although late in my sporting career (21) I choose to be a full time ski professional and international instructor in the beginning of the nineties. I stepped into the Austrian life / Salzburgerland speeding through ski educations and alpine courses. I worked together with Merijn Vunderink the first year in Zell am See and travelled through Europe meeting up with people from all over the world. In France I meat another ski buddy of mine Ron Cooper. I did my landes 1 and 2 ski education together with my ski buddy Timo Hermeler. And the list goes on. And although my focus wasn’t the Dutch learning programm, I participated here and also instructed skiing on the indoor carpet as a preparation of winter time in Austria, France and Italy. I fully experienced the mountain life, living the mountains, the weather and nature. Regardless if it where beginners or very advanced skiers it was fun to improve the quality of ski and quality of the experience. Altogether I was a full time ski pro for 5 years with the ambition to participate in the euro syngro tour with another ski buddy of mine or work for a ski brand. Every move I made was focussed on skiing, regardless if I was riding a bike or taking the stairs. After 5 years, a number of leg and back injuries forced me to make a smart decision and take a step back. I focussed on the other professional life I studied for and my girlfriend made that choice easy. During my corporate experience I meat Michael Bier a VP of a start-up dot com company, a former Canadian Ski team member, with whom I built a great friendship and had extreme skiing experiences in the French and Austrian alps. Always looking for off piste possibilities. We always talked about sharing an ultimate high end ski experience in a business model, just to be able to ski 3 to 6 weeks per year. Although this is still a bucket thing we enjoyed skiing together. I never lost his interest in skiing and instructing and sharing the ultimate ski experience with others.. Skiing remains my favourite sport and I don’t miss a winter with my family & friends. My daughter of 11 on skies and my wife on the snow board. Once a ski instructor always a ski instructor always sharing tips and momentum in the snow with friends or relatives. The first lift up is the best cup coffee to wake up with and there are other beautiful moments. A moment on top of the mountain the on your feet, breath in breath out, and share that moment with others and than powder for me. This momentum is something I use in normal life. I meat Alex Timmer in the early 2000’s @ Regus. Based on my passion and connection with Alex Timmer, I helped Snowplanners from the Board of Experience over the past years and use my working experience with some coaching hoping to inspire Alex a bit. I am a creative innovator with commercial, sales and marketing back ground in the market of conceptual real estate and FM, ICT and media, and help organizations for future preparation and chances to convert. My life motto as long as I can ski and share that experience life is good. Cheers Marc

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The weather has a strong influence on the experience of your outdoor activity, especially in the mountains. In the Alps, you could easily be surprised by unpredictable weather, even if it seems to be calm and sunny at first sight. For example, you could suddenly be confronted with thunderstorms, or get in an unexpected blizzard […]


Have you ever thought of building your own pair of skis? And have you ever considered actually realizing this idea? Well, I did and I will give explain why and how it works! Everything started in high school at the age of 16. Me and two other guys had the crazy idea to build a […]


As of 2013-2014, Warth-Schröcken and Lech-Zürs are connected by a mostly horizontal 10 person cable car. A change many saw coming, as the two areas had been in sight of one another for a long time. Skiing enthusiasts enjoying their stay in Warth-Schröcken would now have the opportunity to ski in the luxurious Lech-Zürs ski […]


We are 50 snow sports enthusiasts and all professionals with DNA. When we are on the mountain, we write about our greatest passion and love for winter sports. We all do this fanatically and read our experiences, experiences, tests, ideas, and opinions on our website and our other media channels, such as With […]


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